Saturday, March 03, 2007

Coffee industry: We're No. 1 again!

It's been a long time, but coffee finally has regained supremacy over soft drinks in America's drinking habits.

The percentage of adults who drink a daily cup of coffee exceeds those who drink a soft drink every day for tghe first time since 1990, according to the National Coffee Association of USA.

Of nearly 3,000 adults reached in a random January telephone survey for the 2006 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, 57% said they drank coffee every day, up 1% from 2006; 51% said they drank a soft drink daily, down 6% from the prior year. from 57 percent a year ago. The number of adults who drink coffee at least once a week is 67%, down 1% from 2006.

“(The increase) is mostly in regular coffees, not as you might expect in the more gourmet coffee beverages. We believe that this is mostly because of the way consumers are thinking about coffee. There’s this classification that gourmet coffees to them are becoming much more mainstream and they are counting that as regular coffee,” Bill Gottlieb, a market researcher for Starbucks Corp., told the NCA annual convention in Arizona on Saturday.

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