Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coca-Cola, read all about it!

Coca-Cola seems intent on capturing more than just beverage market share.

As I reported earlier, the international drinks giant is partnering with L'Oreal for a "neutraceutical" drink that purportedly will quench thirst and help skin health.

Now, it's partnering with the Belgian magazine GLAM*IT to offer the magazine on a bottle of Coke.

The project will go to market in April, with a version of GLAM*IT -- known for its young, glamorous fashion mag content and audience -- attached to the bottle.

Joanna Wojtalik, the inventor behind the revolutionary On Product Publishing concept, said in a statement, “On Product Publishing is all about broadening and targeting content delivery by using the mass market reach of an FMCG distribution network.

"In these terms, the Coca-Cola Company provides the perfect platform to utilize On Product Publishing, which will convert its Coca-Cola light bottles into an unrivalled communications tool. Effectively, the OPP label allows Coca-Cola light to place more content directly on its product and thereby enhance the relationship its consumers have with the brand at the point of purchase.”

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