Saturday, March 31, 2007

Letters: We think we have a gimmick

Dear Mr. Dowd:

I thought you might be interested in learning about our product since you are quite the beverage connoisseur.

To quote you to you, "Energy drinks are found in such profusion on the market that there's little chance the product will get any press unless a manufacturer comes up with a new gimmick."

I heartily agree. The number of "me, too" brands out there boggles the mind, each trying out extreme each other or adding a smattering of supplements that currently have the public's eye. That said, there is the emergence of a new kind of energy drink, not going for "extreme," but simply "smart." We believe that our smart energy drink SmartPower is positioned to be the leader of that category.

I guess we do have a gimmick, too, in the sense that our "message brand" (part of our company's commitment to getting people to Think Two Steps Ahead -- about ingesting caffeine and in life) is called Nuclear Waste Antidote. Our Web site is Smart Power Drinks.

-- Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, Smart Energy Enterprises Inc., Benecia, CA

Dear Eleanor:

It's always interesting to learn about new products. Thanks for the note.

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