Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Medals go global in prestigious WV water test

Entries from three different countries took gold medals in the prestigious 18th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in the West Virginia town.

The event was part of the annual Winter Festival of the Waters.

A total of 188 water entries from around the world were tasted by 10 judges on Saturday. They were trained by water master Arthur von Wiesenberger, an international water expert from Santa Barbara, CA.

What are water judges supposed to look for? Said Von Wiesenberger, entries should have a nice sweetness, be fresh and thirst quenching, and have a balanced feel with the correct minerals.

The medalists:

Municipal Water:

Gold: Tie between Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Clearbrook Waterworks District, British Columbia, Canada
Silver: Tie between Desert Hot Springs, CA; Village of Montrose, British Columbia, Canada
Bronze: Rutland, VT

Non-Carbonated Bottled Water

Gold: Tumai Water, Martinsburg, WV
Silver: Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Eldorado Springs, CO
Bronze: Prairie Spring Water, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Purified Drinking Water

Gold: Great Blue, Federalsburg, MD
Silver: Clear Creek Water Co., Farmington, NM
Bronze: Tie between Blue Moon Water, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; Saskatchewan Clear, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Carbonated Bottled Water

Gold: Salvus Mineralwasser Medium, Emsdetten, Germany.
Silver: Zema Voda, Tesanj, Bosnia.
Bronze: Waiwera Artesian Water, Waiwera Infinity Thermal Spa Resort, Auckland, New Zealand

People's Choice for Package Design

Gold: Mist Premium Spring Water of Vanleer, TN, based in Atlanta, GA
Silver: Aquadeco, Gold Mountain, Ontario, Canada, based in New York
Bronze: Tumai Water, Martinsburg, WV

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