Friday, July 11, 2008

A true designer water

It wasn't that many years ago that the smartest of the vodka makers realized they had to do something more than distill a good product to stand out in the marketplace. At least enough to grab the attention of first-time buyers.

That was the start of a trend in bottle design that has resulted in some brilliant work that deserves its own showing at a major art gallery or museum.

Now the same thought has occurred to at least one bottler of spring water. Aquadeco Premium Spring Water from Canada is packaged in a bottle of Art Deco design (seen here).

The idea was hatched by company founder Arnold Gumowitz, a real estate businessman and art collector with a strong liking of the Art Deco style. He commissioned Flowdesign to create the bottle that would encase water taken from a glacial-created spring. Finally, Steklarna Hrastnick, the Slovenian glassmaking company, came up with the optimal optimal wall thickness combined with the weight of the glass.

The bottle and its contents -- from Muskoka Natural Spring in Gavenhurst, Ontario -- hit a responsive chord with judges at the prestigious Berkeley Springs (WV) International Water Festival, who awarded it gold medals for both “Best Taste” and “Best Bottle Design.”

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