Friday, July 18, 2008

How bottled water hypnotized us all

That's the title of the story on the snarky, but entertaining and often illuminating, blog

The posting reports on a new book called "Bottlemania," which digs into the whole craze. The Gawker story begins:

"Bottled water is a bit like smoking: deep down, we all knew there was something wrong with it from day one.

"Environmentalism has been a widespread subject in our public consciousness for more than 30 years now. Did anyone really believe that getting our water out of 16-ounce plastic bottles would be an efficient long-term solution for humanity?

"Despite that, the bottled water industry has done an admirable job using sly marketing magic to make us all feel like chemical-ridden cheapskates for drinking out of the tap."

Go here for the whole story, and here for various pertinent links on drinking water.

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