Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Priest takes Red Bull by the horns

It's not just Muslim demonstrators that adverting gurus need to be attuned to these days. An angry Sicilian priest has persuaded the folks at Red Bull to trash its Nativity scene soft drink ad that he deemed "a blasphemous act."

The TV commercial, with dialogue in Italian, contains an extra Wise Man, bearing a can of Red Bull caffeinated energy drink.

The Rev. Marco Damanti said, "The image of the sacred family has been represented in a sacrilegious way. Whatever the ironic intentions of Red Bull, the advert pokes fun at the nativity, and at Christian sensitivity."

For good measure he also objected to the company's slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings."

In the interest ofletting you make up your own mind, here's a link to the ad.

And, if you're looking for another miraculous aspect to Red Bull, try this magic trick with a can of the drink.

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1 comment:

Reginald T. Kronic said...

If religion demands that we adhere to a higher standard for advertizing, I think religion should have to also, considering that the product they sell is rather hard to deliver.

“Everlasting Life” is the product and religion demands extraordinary latitude in the right to hawk it to the public. It doesn’t have to be delivered until you reach a place that doesn’t exist, after you’re dead! If they can get away with this con, I think I’ll demand the right to sell real estate there.

How does this sound?

“Make the last step you take in this life be the first step you take into the luxury of Heavenly Estates. Why spend eternity floating on a cloud when, for 10% of your income while here on Earth, you could reside in a huge white-marble, gold-trimmed mansion with cherubim taking care of your every need? Act today. The end is near and a two-year minimum payment is needed to guarantee your place in Heavenly Estates.”