Monday, December 03, 2007

Mountain Dew overdone

The tireless folks at who blog incessantly about trademarks and the like are fed up with Mountain Dew, witness this posting:

"On Nov. 8, 2007, PepsiCo filed to protect the trademark Mountain Dew Revolution in relation to a soft drink. In addition, the beverage and snack company filed to protect the names Mountain Dew High Output, Mountain Dew Stimulus, Mountain Dew Reverb, Mountain Dew Kilo-Watt, Mountain Dew Rebellion, Mountain Dew Extended Play, Mountain Dew Culture Blend, Mountain Dew Visionary, Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Discovery.

"Mork is getting a little tired of keeping up with Mountain Dew names, as PepsiCo seems to be registering every hip and edgy Mountain Dew name that comes into their collective head. No more Mountain Dew posts unless its particularly interesting or worth mentioning."

I'll drink to that.

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