Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scotland's other 'national drink' honored

There is no consensus on which of Scotland's many whiskies is the best. But, when it comes to non-alcoholic Scotch drinks, the nation's other national drink has been acclaimed No. 1.

No. 1 in ads, that is, according to the Scottish Advertising Awards which bestowed the title "Best Brand of the Past 21 Years" on IRN-BRU, the iconic and controversial soft drink and hangover cure.

The time frame was not arbitraily chosen. It reflects the 21st anniversary of the awards, run by the advertising industry magazine called Drum.

As noted in the Scotsman newspaper, "Irn-Bru has sparked controversy with a number of its more recent adverts, including a poster depicting an elderly man and his two dogs -- with the strapline 'I love Irn-Bru and so do my bitches' -- and a TV ad that showed a baby at the point of birth being offered a can of the sugary concoction."

Drum editor Gordon Young, director of the awardsm said: "Irn Bru has produced some real cut-through advertising over the years and has really proved what good advertising can do for you."

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