Saturday, August 02, 2008

US Airways finds a new gouge

There were times when I was flying on a commercial airline and would have willingly paid them not to serve me any of their pathetic food. But at least, I thought, I could always get some free water to hold me over till we landed.

Now, with airlines looking for every angle to charge their customers extra, US Airways is leading the way toward ridiculous heights by instituting a $2 charge for an in-flight drink of water, juice or soda.

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1 comment:

Mike said...

How ironic that I just got home from flying a few legs of US Air from Seattle, and their new "policy" is everywhere. They have signs at the airport, the
little movie on-board, etc.

Pathetic...and this was to fly home in some plane made about 35 years ago.

Well, now you dont even get ONE bag for free ... all flights booked after July 2008 you get charged $15 for the FIRST checked bag.

Better than Jet Blue I suppose, who wants to charge for a pillow and blanket.