Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crush drink brand to broaden horizons

Remember Orange Crush?

If you do, you're a typical American of a certain age. And, if you're still drinking it, you live in part of the mere 40% of the U.S. where the soft drink is available.

That situation will be remedied, however, since its owner, Pepsi Bottling Group, has hooked up with the Dr Pepper Snapple Group to expand Crush distribution nationwide, beginning early next year. Under terms of the deal, Pepsi will have a perpetual license to manufacture, sell and distribute the Crush brand in orange, diet orange and grape flavors.

Jim Johnston, DPS president of sales, said, "With flavors playing an increasingly important role in the carbonated soft drink category, we're confident that together we can repeat that success in the U.S. and make Crush a popular national brand available to more consumers in more outlets," said Jim Johnston, president of sales for Dr Pepper Snapple. "Simply put, it's a brand with tremendous untapped potential."

Orange Crush, the original flavor in the Crush lineup, was invented in Los Angeles in 1916 by Clayton J. Powel. At one time, just after the end of World War I, iconic artist Norman Rockwell was commissioned to produce a series of posters such as the 1919 one seen above for the soft drink.

The line is popular in Canada, where it is distributed by Cadbury Beverages Canada. It also is sold in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

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