Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An old shape for a new tea bag

OK, we've seen square tea bags, round tea bags, flow-through tea bags ... and now we have pyramidal tea bags.

They're the newest marketing idea for Celestial Seasonings' line of Saphara teas.

Says CS's public relations folk, the "silken pyramid bags are specially designed to allow water to flow around the ingredients, giving them room to expand and revealing the depth and complexity of the flavors. The entire Saphara package is made from biodegradable materials including the pyramid bags, string, tag, overwrap and carton."

Saphara comes in six flavors:

• White tea with schizandra, a Chinese shrub that produces small, red edible berries.
• Mango ginger green tea.
• Gen mai cha, which is made with toasted brown rice.
• Premier Estate assam.
• Tropical rooibos, a South African shrub.
• Black currant hibuscus.

For more detailed descriptions of these teas, go here.

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