Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barista season is steaming up

There actually is a county in georgia named Coffee(*). But next month, most of the state's coffee attention will be in Atlanta, where the Southeast Regional Barista Competition will be conducted.

The event is set for February 19-21, hosted once again by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters and Everything Coffee & Tea Inc.

That will come just after the Mountain Region competition, set for February 11-14 in Fort Collins, CO. It is sponsored by Barista Pro Shop.

Both are part of the Specialty Coffee Association of America's series of barista showdowns. Both websites are short on details right now, but organizers promise that soon will change.

The Atlanta event is scheduled for the Plow Arts Center, 887 West Marietta Street, in Atlanta. It will showcases the high level of expertise and innovation that has become the hallmark of quality coffee and espresso bars.

Competitors will be judged for the excellence of their drinks, the detail of their presentation and their hospitality.

After those events, additional competitions are planned:

• The Western Regional, February 26-28, in Los Angeles.

• The Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast regionals will be held in conjunction with Coffee Fest, March 5-7 at the Meadowlands complex in East Rutherford, NJ.

• The Great Lakes Regional, March 12-14, in Milwaukee.

• The Southwest Regional, March 19-21, in Phoenix, AZ.

The South Central Regional, won by Lorenzo Perkins of Caffe Medici in Austin, TX, was held in January.

Winners from the regionals go on to the national championship.

(*) Coffee County was named for Georgia militia general John Coffee. He was responsible for the building of the Coffee Road which forms the western boundary of the county. He died in 1836.

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