Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Japanese giant buys Orangina Schweppes

Orangina Schweppes, the French soft drink maker, has been sold to its Japanese rival Suntory.

The $3.8 billion sale to Suntory, the privately owned maker of beer, whisky and soft drinks, is particularly interesting in that Suntory announced on July 14 that it is in talks to merge with Japan's Kirin.

Suntory is the Tokyo-based brewing and distilling company group established in 1899. It is one of the country's oldest distributors of alcoholic beverages in Japan, from soft drinks to whiskies, and also owns a chain of sandwich shops.

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1 comment:

Obliterati said...

Many years ago I art directed a tv spot for Orangina. While assisting the director on a very hot day, I motivated the Orangina girls, our talent by prompting ... "Say Orangyna!" a slight variation on the tag that despite the heat made them laugh.

The director, very nervous that the client would show, asked me to stop and I did.

Not long after a limo arrived containing our rather stuffy client, the director greeted her with "Say orangyna!".