Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Think before you drink, or, The Host's Revenge

I've often wanted to find a way to get even with guests who reply to "What would you like to drink?" with the non-committal -- and unhelpful -- response "Anything" or "Whatever."

Now, I've found something that would work on several levels. I simply have to wait for it to become available somewhere other than Singapore and environs where it is manufactured.

A company called Out of The Box has just released two new soft drinks called "Anything," a carbonated drink, and "Whatever," a tea-based non-carbonated product. So, when someone makes the appropriate inappropriate reply, you can hand them a can of what matches their response.

But that's only one level of revenge. The second is that the flavors inside the cans remain a mystery.

Oh, you'll probably identify them once you begin sipping -- cola with lemon, apple, root beer, cloudy lemon and something called fizz up for Anything, lemon, peach, jasmine, apple, white grape and chrysanthemum Whatever. However, there is no indication on the exteriors of the cans which flavor is inside.


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